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Our Investment Philosophy


My portfolio management process is fundamentally-based with an emphasis on technical analysis. This includes due diligence of stocks, ETF’s (exchange-trade funds) and mutual funds. Depending upon the goals and objectives of the clients, I can provide portfolio management strategies with a focus on conservative growth, growth, aggressive growth and growth and income. There are also income portfolios and strategies to meet current cash flow needs.

While I do utilize strategic planning to help achieve our client’s long-term goals, I do not take the conventional view that a buy-and-hold strategy may achieve these objectives alone. I am not an advocate of a fully-invested investment policy plan. My investment process is focused on the Tactical or Day-to-Day management of my client accounts.

By determining the overall market risk level, I decide how to deploy cash as market opportunities present themselves or restrict the exposure during periods of market volatility. There are appropriate times to focus on wealth accumulation and appropriate times to be focused on wealth preservation. Depending upon the overall trends of the markets, I will determine whether to be offensive or defensive.

Once the overall risk level of the markets is determined, I then focus on the individual sectors. Then, I provide further due diligence to review the individual investments that may help provide the necessary exposure to those particular sectors. There are only two forces that influence market direction. Understanding the supply and demand relationship is a critical component in the markets. I will then rotate into sectors of potential strength and attempt to avoid areas of potential weakness. When determining weakness and increasing volatility, I will stay in “cash” rather than continue exposure, just for the sake of diversification. By determining areas of increasing strength, I attempt to rotate into the markets and take advantage of that strength until there is a change in overall market trends.

Lastly, I emphasis risk management principles with a strict sell discipline and exit strategies to help protect gains, manage downside risk and lessen the impact of market downturns. It is an effective and efficient utilization of cash as an asset class that is the cornerstone of my process. Put another way, with increasing market volatility, the ability to “raise” cash is vital to help lower the risk level in my client’s portfolios.

Our Services

Asset Management

  • Customized Portfolios

  • Proactive Management Process

  • Fundamentally-Based/Technical-Emphasis

  • Defensive/Exit Strategies

  • Strict Sell Discipline 

  • Consistent Execution

  • Transparent Fees

Financial Planning

  • Goals-based Lifevesting Financial Plan

  • Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) Needs Evaluation

  • Tax Planning

  • Retirement Income Needs Coordination

  • Cash Flow Analysis/Budgeting

  • Estate Plan Development

Retirement Planning

Succession Planning

  • Transition Planning

  • Buy/Sell Agreement

  • Estate Plan Review

Private Trust

  • Tennessee Chartered

  • Legal/Estate/Insurance Tax Planning

  • Wealth Protection and Preservation Focused


  • Articulate your Vision

  • Establish Stronger Family Values for Children

  • Social/Environmental/
    Research Solutions

The Process
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