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About Us

Tennessee-based Strong Tower Wealth Management provides wealth and asset management plus long- term financial planning for clients located across the Southeast. Strong Tower caters to those seeking a long-term investment horizon, proactive asset management strategies and comprehensive wealth management. 

Our Team

Industry veteran Brett Lewis provides a strict buy/sell management process with an effective sell discipline to raise cash during times of market volatility that sets Strong Tower Wealth Management apart from more traditional firms. 

Edward "Brett" Lewis

Founder and Managing Principal

Brett was raised on his parents’ Arkansas farm, where life was not 9 to 5. Farming takes dedication and discipline, and those core values are evident in his asset management oversight process through both favorable and unfavorable market conditions.


The third of three kids, Brett attended the University of Arkansas, where he received a BS in Business Administration. His ability to recognize technical patterns fueled his growing business platform at Merrill Lynch, Southwest Securities, Morgan Keegan and Morgan Stanley. In 2020, Brett’s growing passion for serving clients at a more personal level, led to his launch of Strong Tower Wealth Management, based in Franklin, Tennessee.

“Strong Tower Wealth Management is an excellent fit for investors looking for fee-transparency, a long-term investment horizon and a strict buy/sell discipline,” explains Brett. “Strong Tower’s process is based upon strong fundamentals with added emphasis on technical analysis.  I am constantly reviewing current holdings and maintaining a working list of potential investment opportunity.  I am always striving for our clients to own the strongest sectors with the ‘best of class’ investment positions in their account.”


Brett’s desire for helping others is also prevalent in he and his wife Cindy’s personal life. The Lewis family participates in many church activities with their three young children, in addition to baseball, swimming and anything else the kids can convince mom and dad to get them into!  Brett and Cindy, themselves, are active in choir, adult prayer and study groups. 

Tonya D. Smith
Director of Operations

I bring over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to my position at Goodson Wealth Management. It is my mission to ensure our clients receive the best experience under our care. Our clients deserve and receive my complete attention every day. 

Cecilia L. Senter
Client Services Manager

 I apply the expertise I’ve gained in financial services to any and every client need, from paperwork to reporting, or just making them feel welcome when they call or come by the office.


Core Principles

We will always be “watching the store”.

We thrive on connecting our clients with all the information they seek, using channels they prefer with frequency that allows peace of mind. 

We invest our clients’ assets to obtain optimal returns. 

We draw daily on the belief in things not yet seen; confident in our path and process. 

We deliver on promises and obligations to each client for outcomes that exceed expectations. 

Brett Lewis 2020-1 (003).jpg

We are blessed beyond measure; grateful for the journey, path and process our Creator laid out before us.  We are here to serve our Lord and Savior, our family and our clients.  Our calling is to be the hands and feet of God; to encourage, pray for and support others in anyway we can.  Strong Tower was created to be more than just an advisory firm. 


- Humbly Yours, Brett

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